Seven Oaks Management:

A Higher Level of Property Management

Providing In-depth, customized services to a diverse portfolio of clients

Leveraging Over 125 Years of Senior Industry Experience

SOM brings decades of high-caliber property management expertise. Combined with this expertise are institutional operating systems to deliver “best-in-class” management services.

Experience – Strategic – Progressive

Principal Led
Ownership Focused

The Seven Oaks Team thinks like owners. Our best-in-class development and operating skills represent an ideal sponsor and operating partner or strategic REO consultant.

Established Operator

SOM is uniquely positioned as an established and focused operator which allows flexibility and focus on executing Ownership’s business plan. We have no conflicts.

Focus on the Asset

SOM’s focuses on Property Management. This approach provides Ownership flexibility to structure the leasing team and develop ownership strategy independently. We will actively promote and support your leasing team in all efforts. We have extensive experience with all major brokerage shops and no conflicts.


SOC/SOM Principals have deep experience in all facets of operating real estate assets. We bring a unique hybrid property management & asset management approach to all engagements, therefore providing you with a strategic value-add perspective in addition to proven operational management excellence. We think like owners because we are owners.

Long-Term Success

SOM helps ownership to position its property for long-term success. Energized & challenged by new partners and ownership – we are the right team to execute your business plan.

Experience – Strategic – Progressive

Serve Your Customers:
The Tenants

We will leverage our concierge reputation for service to create POSITIVE long-term tenant relationships, frequent tenant interactions and customer service.

SOM delivers consistent, superior operational management. How do we do it:

  • Refine and control operating expense management
  • Develop an intimate knowledge of building systems
  • Implement best-in-class sustainability practices
  • Provide construction management expertise
  • Provide effective interaction & support to leasing strategy
  • Deliver high-quality institutional reporting

The SOM team will explore with you how to introduce and manage robust tenant programming and an event calendar to activate and program your project, especially any outdoor common space and project amenities.


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Seven Oaks Management Team

The Seven Oaks management team, comprised of seasoned professionals with diverse expertise, is dedicated to driving excellence and fostering a culture of achievement within the organization.

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Delivering Sustainability & Technology Solutions

Innovation in sustainable building practices distinguishes SOM as a leader in Green Building Operations. Pioneering many firsts and achieving LEED certifications is part of the SOM culture.

Sustainable Operations Plans
LEED Certification
Energy Audit/Optimization Strategy Implementation
Innovation in Sustainability
Third Party Consultants
Wired Certification
Innovation in Learning

Seven Oaks and You

Why Choose Seven Oaks?

  • Ownership Mentality
    Entrepreneurial ownership mentality to assist you in re-envisioning and programming you to address the dynamic future of office tenant needs and desires
  • Impeccable Reputation – Market reputation for quality and integrity throughout
    Atlanta business community
  • Customized Engagement – Boutique operating platform with institutional capabilities that will be tailored to your business
  • Unique Approach – Unique hybrid property and asset management approach – an “extension” of your team
  • Seamless Transition – Will deliver seamless transition to your ownership with tremendous existing tenant relationships and property systems and protocol
  • Proven Performance – Proven operational track record with unmatched institutional knowledge of your project and market
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